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15 simple, stylish top knots for the warm season için yorumlar kapalı

15 simple, stylish top knots for the warm season

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Never had such a simple haircut been so stylish. Whether you’re rocking the red carpet or relaxing lightly in your room, a top-notch roll can be the ideal look for you. Which is not to love in this style? Top rolls are not only extremely unproblematic – especially in the hot summer months, when we all want to carry our hair away from the face, they are secondary to each face completely beautiful. The magic of this look is that the hair is piled high up the head to bring your facial features to perfection and to create the form and drama of a lavish up-do without any torment. That basic roll was long-biased in favor of an update and from there that effortlessly chic twist on the classic style is a welcome complement to the sticks in the summer style of 2016. We love it, no matter how fast and lightweight it is, combining top knots to play tied , Something in this style never looks unsightly, or you would easily be rolled out of the bunk. Here are 14 of these funniest, carefree and stunning buns that you can try this warm season.

Which classic

If we mentioned top bread, this is probably the haircut that first came to mind. This light brown look has no intricate subtleties or eye-catching colors to highlight; Instead, their beauty which is secondary to always their simplicity. Try this stress-free wool on casual, rotten days if you want to look casual and nonetheless gorgeous.

Easy Top Bun


Keep it supple

This super sleek, high roll is wooden enough in favor of this office, a wedding or light weight only in favor of a generous event you are planning to pull off in this season. The roll itself is wrapped in a beautiful and tangled style, probably the most eye-catching part of this look is the perfectly polished tooth crown.

Blond top rolls


Braided roll

One of our favorite things about top knots is how versatile they are. You can make your style as unique and complicated as you like, non … you integrate various elements, just like the three fancy French braids in this blonde ombre bread roll.

Braided top bun


fairytale buns

So far we find out how lightweight and stress-free top rolls can be. However, do not forget that there are some surprisingly detailed and complicated options secondarily. This layered roll looks like anything that is in favor of a fairy tale princess and gives any hair texture volume and firmness.

Hidden bread roll


Big and nice top knock out bun for the warm season

When it comes to top-notch, we always say “the bigger the better”. When you retire with this feeling of happiness afterward, violent menstrual bleeding, thick and voluptuous attempts like this girl to drag yourself afterwards, tied up your knot and keep the volume level.

Top bun for super long hair


Braided roll – Schnieke’s top knock-out roll for the warm season

We have already seen how beautiful a braided tooth crown with a high knot can look like. However, this look turns the head on the head. This shows that this bun’s braiding itself can give your stylish top knot texture, depth and acting fathom.

Braid bun


Swirly Bun – Easy Top Knockout Bun for the benefit of girls

This sweet, big roll has something very swinging 60’s. Scrape the entire tooth crown from the top as long as down and give away a simple bun at the back of this center. These wispy strands of hair on this front frame your face perfectly.

Loose roll


Rainbow Rückenflechte

There is so much reverberation and drama in this beautiful roll that it’s hard to know where to import. These pastel-colored rainbow shades in baby blue, subdued environmental friendly and baby pink complement each other perfectly and this French braid in the back of the bun makes for a truly unique touch.

Colorful top rolls


Strong red with shaved undercut

Be warned that this fashionable look is only for the sake of confident girls who do not mind rolling around and standing in the center. The tint is strikingly dark red and this top potassium.o. style is perfect for showing off the patterned undercut on the neck.

Red topknot



Afterwards do you ever wonder how a sea mermaid would look like with a knot? Well, here is your exit! These long, voluptuous attempts to tone blue and green tones are reminiscent of the peacock pots and look stunning when worn in a tangled, subtly braided knot.

Blue Ombre top knot


Chain Linked Bun – Nice top knockout bun in favor of the wedding

Carbon / o this chocolate brown bread is always secondary to the texture. Several small sections of hair were laid around each other to create beautiful chain link effect. This is not a lightweight style and it can take some tedium and time, but we are sure you agree that this end product is worth it. These shaky waves on this front make this addition the best possible way.

Stylish top bun


Swirly Bangs

Looking for a way to highlight your haircut and still be perfect and feminine? If so, you can be sure that you will love this extravagant knot. We love the diagonal separation in this ultra-slim, smooth tooth crown and the swirling bangs that remind us of mum movie stars like Veronica Brine.

Top bun with side part


Messy Brown Bun – Top Knock-out bun in favor of brunette wool

What a light, light-weight, rugged style of this rich chocolate brown bun will show your hippie-schnieke style while remaining ripe and fabulous. Doing it will take quite a bit of time to plague and return to the tooth crown, though Semmel himself is careless and messy. It has been loosely attached to create a romantic silhouette.

Bun for curly hair


Blond Balayage Semmel updo in favor of women

This beautiful roll is the perfect combination of greasy and messy. We love the amount and manner in which the raised roots and loosely layered bread show the same multi-tonal blonde balayage. The pony front fits perfectly with the style and makes you look like a completely casual beauty.

Messy Top Bun



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